Are you ready to get back to a ‘real’ Christmas do this year?  If so, then what better than solving a festive murder to help you celebrate?

Meet our intriguing characters before discovering that a dreadful murder has taken place; which of them is guilty?

Enjoy an evening of immersive, interactive interrogation as our actors bring the suspects to life, spinning plenty of red herrings into the mix.

Will you discover whodunnit?  One thing is for certain – the evening is guaranteed to end with a bang…


A Victorian Mystery

Uncover the secrets behind Robin Emblind, manager at the local bank Grabbit & Run. It’s 1843 and Charles Dickens has just published his classic novel ‘A Christmas Carol’ – many are likening Robin to its main character, Scrooge!

Will his employees (including Orson Cart the Coachman and Ida Down the Governess) receive the Christmas bonus they’ve been expecting, or will there be an even bigger, more gruesome surprise ahead? Perhaps the unexpected arrival of Penny Less, the flower seller will shed some light…

A Taste of Murder

The suspects have been summoned to your party after believing that they received a Christmas message in the local paper; but who was the real target?  They all belong to a local wine tasting club as does Phil Mapockets; a local businessman who has friends in high places and plans to bulldoze the local area to make way for his Christmas factory.

Will the evening be a sophisticated Mulled Wine tasting as planned?  Will Phil even make it to his own party?  And if not, why not?  Perhaps the members of the wine tasting club know more than they are letting on…


  • Our team of professional actors

  • Our very own unique murder mystery story

  • Props, clues and effects

  • Around 2.5 hours of festive, murderous and immersive entertainment

  • A surprise ending that’s guaranteed to go with a bang!!


  • Your Venue of choice

  • Catering

  • Green room/changing area for our actors

  • Microphone/sound system if required

  • A group of budding detectives!


Groups of 30-40

5 Actors
£1,800 Plus Mileage

Groups of 40-70

6 Actors
£1,900 Plus Mileage

Groups of 70+

7 Actors
£2,000 Plus Mileage

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