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Corporate Christmas Parties Online

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    We’ve got a number of themes to choose from; why not go back in time to the 1930s and help us solve the mystery of the Cursed Necklace of Queen Nefertiti…?

    Our events can run for 60- 120 minutes depending on your requirements and are hosted by our talented team of actors.

What will your Christmas ‘do’ look like this year?

The office Christmas party as we know it may never be quite the same again. That may not actually be a bad thing! But who would have thought this time last year that we’d now be planning to hold our corporate Christmas parties online?

That’s why here at Teams Unpuzzled we’ve created a brilliant solution; an online, team-building murder mystery event.

Your teams can relax and socialise together from the comfort of their homes and leave the entertainment to us as we guide them through one of our unique online murder mystery events.

Each event is hosted live online by our experienced actors; we can even write a bespoke story especially for your company to make it a truly special event.


How does it work?

There’s been a murder, and we need your help to solve it!

Intrepid detective Betty Didditt will guide you through a hilarious and intriguing plot; you’ll access the crime scene, watch suspect interviews and discover clues to help you discover whodunnit.

Our activities are hosted on Zoom and can run from 60 – 120 minutes depending on your requirements. They’re ideal for groups of up to 30, and all you and your team will need are access to the internet, a comfy chair, perhaps a glass of wine and your little grey cells!

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    Perhaps you’d prefer to do battle with the gangsters in the Mystery of the Missing Mobster…?

    Our Zoom events mix light-hearted storylines with a challenge to keep you on your toes while you enjoy a ‘night in’ together!