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The pop-up escape experience with a deadly difference...

Our unique new Sleuth Room takes the puzzle filled format of an escape room, and adds our very own brand of murder mystery to create a dynamic team building activity

Thought about using an escape room for team building but not quite sure how it works?

With a timed format to create the element of suspense, our Sleuth Room focuses on bringing teams together to explore their diverse skill sets to help them solve the mystery.  Unlike other similar activities, our Sleuth Room is based around a rich and detailed murder mystery story, with teams tasked with finding out the identity of the victim, suspects, and of course the guilty party through a series of puzzles, cryptic clues and red herrings.


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    Teams put their diverse skills to good use solving a wide range of cryptic puzzles and classic clues


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    Pop Up

    Our entire Sleuth Room fits into any reasonably sized meeting room – all we need is the space, power and internet access and we’re good to go!

Positive outcomes

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    Positive outcomes

    Teams have great fun competing to win the most points, whilst our experienced facilitator observes their team work strengths and areas for improvement

What goes on in a Sleuth Room?

Teams are introduced to the activity by our character Chief Inspector Betty Diddit.  She oversees the whole experience with an eagle eye, while being on hand to give some tips and hints when needed.

Teams are tasked with finding out who the victim, suspects, and guilty party are by solving a series of puzzles and challenges.  Each suspect has their own motive, and they are all intertwined via various relationships and intrigue.  It’s up to the teams to find out as much information as possible!

With a bespoke marking scheme, points are awarded and deducted for discovering the right information, and of course extra points are given for finishing in the quickest time.

The team members have the instant gratification of finding out these results on the day, while managers can expect to receive a follow up report the following day, detailing our facilitator’s observations on individuals and teams as a whole.


What does the Sleuth Room come with?

Rest assured that we’ll arrive with everything you need to make your Sleuth Room a success. We provide:
  • A facilitator

    Our experienced facilitator in character will guide the teams through the activity, giving a helping hand when necessary

  • Pop up Sleuth Room activity

    Bespoke, hand crafted clues and props to transform your meeting room into a study from 1934 full of clues and puzzles

  • A unique Murder Mystery

    The bespoke murder mystery story is written by us – it’s guaranteed that you will never have seen or heard anything like it!

  • Positive Observations

    Your team have the excitement of results on the day, while you receive a report on the observations of our facilitator taken during the activities

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