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Interactive character-led team building activity; new ideas for team building

Team Building
with added value

Team building isn't just about going on a jolly. We believe that it should, and can, achieve balance and provide valuable employee insights.

We've created some effective new ideas for team building which deliver positive business benefits while keeping up the all important element of fun.

We can help to pinpoint problem areas within a team and provide tools to help improve by looking at the team ‘from the outside in’.

As our activities are light-hearted yet challenging, we're able to put teams at ease and observe them in a natural way.

Ideas for team building; a murder mystery?

Which activity is right for you and your team?

Murder in the Boardroom

A Murder Mystery scenario performed and led by our experienced team of actors in character. Interrogate suspects, investigate the crime scene and work together to solve the crime. Ideal for teams of 20+

The Evidence Room

A Murder Mystery scenario on film; presented on screen and facilitated by a member of our team. Neatly designed in segments, teams need to watch and listen carefully to work their way to a conclusion.
Ideal for small teams of up to 15

The Sleuth Room

In a unique take on the original escape room, our Sleuth Room can be set up in any empty meeting room on site, and provides teams with a timed challenge to beat the puzzles and unmask the killer. Teams of 6 per session.

Or simply for fun...

Murder Mystery Entertainment for parties and events

Don't just take our word for it

Here's what some of our clients have to say about us


Discover how our unique team building events helped this creative design company improve communication and efficiency, ultimately leading to an increased profit margin.

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