The Intriguing Case of the Interactive Whodunnit…Team building for small groups

The sleepy village of Upton Leftit has been rocked by the news of a recent murder,
and only your team can solve it!

It can be difficult to find effective and fun ideas for team building for small groups, but we’ve cracked it with The Evidence Room.  It’s ideal for teams of anywhere up to around 15 and can be set up in any meeting room.  It runs for approximately four hours so is ideal for a morning/afternoon activity. Larger teams can also be split into smaller groups to compete against one another in the process of solving the murder.

The basis of The Evidence Room is a murder mystery film; our on-screen detective, Hugh Dunnitt, guides you through this light-hearted yet strong storyline of murder, blackmail and ghosts from the past. It’s neatly designed in sections to allow for frequent discussions and evaluations, your teams will watch suspect and witness interviews, be granted a look at the crime scene and work together on extra clues to help them solve this heinous crime.

As standard this is facilitated by one of our highly experienced Unpuzzlers, but there is also the option to self-facilitate and work on this activity remotely.

Flexible Facilitation

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    One of our experienced team members will facilitate this activity over the four-hour period, using their in-depth knowledge to guide you through the challenges and to lead discussions and process evaluations. You can also access and facilitate yourself for extra flexibility; it’s all based online so it’s easy and quick to set up and comes with all supporting documentation. Contact us to discuss further.

Unique Film Format

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    This story was written, filmed and edited with a team building objective in mind. There’s nothing else quite like it out there and you’ll warm to Hugh as he tries to fumble his way through the case. He really needs your help. It’s designed to guide you from start to finish; you can’t peek at the ending until you’ve worked your way through all of the challenges!

Positive Evaluation

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    This activity in particular allows us to really look at the way in which teams work together in a detailed and specific manner. We’ll work with you before, during and after to tackle specific issues if required, and you’ll receive a full report following the event with an evaluation of our observations, and of your team’s feedback.

Puzzle Piece with Fingerprint team building

What's the story?

We can’t give too much away, but take a quick look at this video and meet some of the characters…

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