Welcome to Theatre Unpuzzled –  Teams Unpuzzled’s theatrical sister!

Immersive theatre has always been at the heart of what Teams Unpuzzled do.  Along with murder mystery, of course. Helen’s writing for the stage has taken the intrigue of Teams Unpuzzled and the structure of a theatrical performance and over the past year or so she’s been furiously creating drama.

The result is to be the first of many Theatre Unpuzzled pieces; Evil Will Come was first performed by The Compton Players in November 2021 under the pen name Alexi Stonehouse. Under Theatre Unpuzzled we’ll be touring festivals in 2022.

Theatre Unpuzzled are heading for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2022! Follow our journey on…


London, 1947. Philip Mackinder is dead.  His wife, Catherine, has shot him.  As a court hears the evidence leading up to the murder, we witness the disintegration of the couple’s marriage and discover the real, surprising truth.

Helen’s new one act play is an homage to Agatha Christie, described by one critic as “what feels like a period piece [but is a] chillingly contemporary portrait of a veteran suffering from PTSD compounded by lasting side effects of Malaria”

Catherine has shot Philip, but why?  His blossoming and inappropriate ‘friendship’ with a work colleague? Catherine’s bitterness at her lack of children and her husband’s marital coldness?

There’s no mystery.  “The fatal shooting is the first thing the audience sees and the first sharp intake of breath of many that this tightly crafted piece draws from its audience.”

But is everything as it seems?  You may think you are sure.  You may wonder how and if she gets away with it.  But will you be surprised at the truth?


Image credits Copyright Tony Gartshore 2021

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