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The Will Reading

  • Classic whodunit murder mystery

    Classic Whodunit Murder Mystery

    What happened to Lord Harry Stockressy?

    A classic whodunit murder mystery with echos of the master herself, Agatha Christie set in the late 1920’s/early 30’s.

    Lord Harry Stockressy intends to announce the contents of his new will which he has re-written since being widowed last year.

    What with a new, young fiancé in tow and much talk about the recent mysterious death of Gladys Friday, the maid of the house, what more could be in store?

The Seance

  • Seance Themed Murder Mystery

    Seance Themed Murder Mystery

    Will we be able to contact Stan Dingproud?

    A group of locals is gathered here tonight to see if they can contact their ancestors using a Ouija board, in our fun and spooky seance themed murder mystery.

    Great-Great- Great-Grandfather Stan Dingproud allegedly took the secret of the whereabouts of the local missing treasure to his grave.

    Can Claire Voyant, local psychic, help to find out where it is or will she come to a sticky end?

Midsummer Murder

  • Murder Mystery Shoot Out Ending

    Midsummer Themed Murder Mystery

    What will happen to Bill Dersyard?

    In our midsummer themed murder mystery, we’re introduced to the peaceful village of Midsummer Clubbing, the night before the judging of the ‘Best Kept Village’ awards.

    Tonight is the annual pre-judging dinner, which will be attended by local developer Bill Dersyard, who is rumoured to be planning a large incinerator site right in the middle of all 4 villages which is likely to ruin any chances of winning.

    Local residents are not happy, but will they resort to murder?!

Oscar Night

  • Oscars Themed Murder Mystery

    Oscar Themed Murder Mystery

    Will Ivor Clapperboard ever appear?

    Oscar night is over, and the party has just begun in this classic favourite, the Oscars themed murder mystery!

    Seasoned actresses, talentless starlets and influential producers will be there, including guests of honour Kurt Encall, the famous actor, and his leading lady, Faye McAdemy.

    They are here to see the world famous director, Ivor Clapperboard. Will he reveal one of them as the next star in his new blockbuster film, or will another fate await one of them tonight?

Family Inheritance

  • Family Inheritance Themed Murder Mystery

    Family Inheritance Themed Murder Mystery

    Who stands to inherit the family fortune?

    In our hilarious Inheritance themed murder mystery, members of a prestigious local family have gathered to find out about recently discovered treasure in the grounds of their ancestral home, along with documents proving that the sale of the home 200 years ago was illegal.

    The descendants believe that they could make a claim on the house… but who will end up in profit? To put a spanner in the works, the guest of honour is planning to bulldoze down the family home and turn it into a high class theme park…

Queen Nefertiti’s Curse

  • Egyptian Themed Murder Mystery

    Egyptian Themed Murder Mystery

    Who has been cursed by Nefertiti?

    In our classic Egyptian themed murder mystery, world famous Egyptologist Archie Ologist has recently laid his hands on a necklace belonging to Queen Nefertiti, which was plundered from the cursed tomb of Tutankhamen in 1923.

    It has long been missing but resurfaced recently on the black market; some say the necklace is cursed, as all those who have touched it or are involved with anyone who has stolen it, have befallen a terrible death. Who will be next…?

1930’s Gangsters

  • Gangster Themed Murder Mystery

    Gangster Themed Murder Mystery

    Where is Don Perry G’non?

    It’s 1930 in Chicago and prohibition is in full swing, in one of our favourites, the Gangster themed murder mystery. Here tonight are a group of renegade gangsters, rivals of Al Capone’s and on the run from him and his gang. They have fled to England and are hiding out here; the big boss, Don Perry G’non arrives alongside his wife, Barbara Seville, but how long will it be before bullets start to fly?

Silent Movies

  • 1930s Themed Murder Mystery

    1930’s Themed Murder Mystery

    Will the star of the show survive?

    The year is 1927, Prohibition is in full swing in Hollywood and ‘The Jazz Singer’, the first ‘talking picture’ has just been released, in this classic 1930s themed murder mystery.

    The characters are here tonight in honour of Mr George Oswald West, a grand Hollywood producer who is about to start production of his first ‘talkie’ and all hope to be given a part in his new film. George is not popular, and likes to keep everyone guessing – but will this be his downfall?

A French Affair

  • French Themed Murder Mystery

    French Themed Murder Mystery

    Who killed Jean-Anne Tonique?

    In our French themed murder mystery set in the in the local village of Nether Regions, many attend a weekly French evening class, run by Etienne Lautrec and his wife Celine.

    They’ve arranged for a visit by a prestigious French aristocrat Jean-Anne Tonique, who has come to help them with the finer points of their accents.

    Jean-Anne is not popular, and when it is revealed that she plans to bulldoze through Nether Regions and build an enormous French Hypermarket, Restaurant and ‘Moulin Rouge’ type entertainment venue, the local residents all object…

A Golfing Murder Mystery

  • Golfing Themed Murder Mystery

    Golf Themed Murder Mystery

    Who killed Ferdinand Tuinbush?

    In our golf themed murder mystery, world famous golfer Ferdinand Two-Inbush has arranged a prestigious tournament.

    With rival teams ‘The Happy Hookers’ and ‘The Dirty Birdies’ both desperate to win, could Ferdinand face trouble after details of his bribery and corruption are revealed?!

Valentine’s Day Bloodshed

  • Valentines Themed Murder Mystery

    Classic Whodunit Murder Mystery

    Will love be deadly?

    In our brilliant Valentine themed murder mystery, our suspects have been summoned, believing that they received a Valentines message in their local paper, The Lower Morality Echo.

    The group also all belong to a Wine Tasting club ‘The Grapes of Wrath’, but is there something more sinister linking them together, and who placed that mysterious message?

Victorian Christmas Murder

  • Victorian Themed Murder Mystery

    Victorian Themed Murder Mystery

    A blast from the past!

    In our Victorian themed murder mystery, we uncover the secrets behind Robin Emblind, manager at the local bank Grabbit & Run. It’s 1843 and Charles Dickens has just published his classic novel ‘A Christmas Carol’ – many are likening Robin to it’s main character, Scrooge!

    Will his employees (including Orson Cart the Coachman and Ida Down the Governess) receive the Christmas bonus they’ve been expecting, or will there be an even bigger, more gruesome surprise ahead? Perhaps the unexpected arrival of Penny Less, the flower seller will shed some light…

Wedding Day Massacre

  • Wedding Themed Murder Mystery

    Wedding Themed Murder Mystery

    Love is blind… and deadly!

    In our wedding themed murder mystery, wealthy socialites Lord & Lady Formoney’s daughter Marion is getting married.

    The wedding will be a lavish affair, and her groom to be is David Peckham, her footballer fiancé.

    Death threats received by the family have marred the celebrations in the run up to the wedding, but everyone hopes to be able to celebrate the marriage, until the first murder occurs……

Death by Drop Goal

  • Rugby Ball Murder Mystery Events

    VRugby Themed Murder Mystery

    Death by drop goal!

    Rugby fanatic Jim Shorts is here to reveal his big plans to form a rugby ‘super club’.

    He has been poaching the best players from each of the local teams by offering them money and perks, and some of the suspects here tonight are not happy about the arrangements.

    Having had their only decent players recently pinched by Jim, could one of them be out for revenge?

Halloween - Werewolves

  • null

    Halloween Themed Murder Mystery

    A spot of spooky sleuthing!


    In the village of Rippem Offem, the local Doctor, Claude Tabbits, is retiring. As well as meeting to celebrate this event, it is also the culmination of a year long village competition; a slightly eccentric and Halloween obsessed local landowner has pledged £100,000 to the villager who can catch a real live werewolf. There have been rumoured sightings around the area and so tonight is the perfect night to catch one. Claude’s guests greet him happily as they arrive at the party, little knowing that one of their lives is about to be ruined…

Halloween - Ghosts

  • Halloween Themed Murder Mystery

    Halloween Themed Murder Mystery

    A spot of spooky sleuthing!


    In the ghost version of our Halloween themed murder mystery trio, guests are attending the fancy dress party hosted by Gladys Friday to celebrate the launch of her new book ‘Ghostly Secrets’. A group of performers called ‘Raising the Dead’ who specialise in appearing on TV and in lavish stage shows all claim to have some sort of paranormal gift…it comes to light that nobody has actually seen Gladys for the last couple of weeks when she has been threatening to tell all in her new book… but will she turn up in an unexpected form?

Halloween - Mummies

  • null

    Halloween Themed Murder Mystery

    A spot of spooky sleuthing!


    A group of eminent archaeologists have come here to view the mummy of Pharaoh Nuff, rumoured to be wearing a cursed bejewelled necklace. The story goes that anyone who touches it dies a horrible death. The challenge is on to see if anyone can remove the necklace safely and take a cut of the profits, helped along by an ancient rhyme which states that the curse of the necklace could only be broken on Halloween…

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