How Solving A Mystery Helped Improve Team’s Efficiency

How Solving A Mystery Helped Improve Team’s Efficiency

project details

  • date: 3rd August 2016
  • category: Act of Murder Team Building, Business,
  • client: Creative Design Agency

The Challenge

‘Company A’ work in the field of creative design, and face many of the problems associated with the creative process. Their production department is responsible for bringing the designer’s innovative visions to life, whereas the finance department are tasked with ensuring that budgets are upheld to ensure a healthy profit margin.

‘Company A’ were experiencing discord between the two departments, not only because of their differing goals and targets, but also because they were located in physically separate work spaces. Communication between them was often strained and they had very little to do with each other on a daily basis.

The Solution

‘Company A’ realised that a team building exercise would be beneficial, and contacted Charaderie for help. We facilitated our Murder Mystery exercise in the morning, ahead of an afternoon of strategic planning for the company. They wanted to address their issues while allowing their employees to experience a fun session entirely separate from their normal working environment.

The Outcome & Benefits

  • Collaboration: The teams got to know each other
    better on a personal level whilst maintaining a working relationship and collaborating towards a joint goal
  • Improved Efficiency: Both departments now communicate more efficiently with a much more sympathetic understanding of each other’s goals within the company
  • They had fun!: Each member of the team enjoyed the relaxed, lighthearted yet challenging nature of the murder mystery
  • Business Benefits: Company A’s profit margin has increased by up to 15% following improved communication leading to increased efficiency in managing project budgets

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